Preferred Pet Program

Our goal at Royal Heirs is to help our clients care for their dogs in a logical and loving way—we don’t recommend over-grooming them, nor do we recommend you waiting too long between grooms.  Doing this dries out their skin and causes matting and a lackluster coat. 

As well, we do all we can to provide the most personalized and luxurious spa experiences at the lowest cost to you.  And out of these objectives, we created the Preferred Pet Program.  It is designed to both save you money and keep your dog on a regular grooming and maintenance schedule, based upon its breed. 

When you come to your regular appointment, you have one of two choices at checkout that will provide you with discounts on your current grooming bill. 


  • We highly recommend you book recurring appointments as long as one year in advance.

    Booking in this way, and basing your booking interval times on your dog’s breed recommendations, you will receive $5.00 off your grooming bill.


  • The other way to save is to book your next appointment when you pick up your dog from your current groom.

    When you book in this way, you will receive $3 off today’s groom. 

    Once again, you must schedule within reasonable guidelines for your dog’s breeding recommendations (usually 3-5 weeks for most breeds).