Royal Heirs Preferred Pets ProgramPreferred Pet Program

Royal Heirs Pet SpaYour pet is the most special pet in the world—you already know that, but we want you to understand that we know it as well! Consequently, we invite you to enjoy the benefits of our Preferred Pet Program—and every time your pet visits The Royal Heirs Pet Spa we will roll out the red carpet and give your pet the extra attention and loving care it deserves. You love your pet enough to take great care of him/her, and we want to be a part of that process!

Our business is built on the concept of creating a team of professionals and pet owners who are dedicated to the same thing—efficient, customized, and loving care for that special member of your family. We understand how busy you are—and we are committed to making your pet’s grooming an easy part of your life. For this reason, we’ve create the Preferred Pet Program.

Here’s how it works….

  1. There is no charge to be a part of this program.
    First, there is no additional charge to make your pet a part of this program and no sign-up fee—in fact, it is designed to save you money and make things easier for you.
  2. Receive $5.00 discounts on your grooming—every time!
    You will receive a $5.00 discount of your Trim/Style Package—with each full-grooming visit!
  3. Email Contact Information.
    Provide us with your email address so we can stay in touch with you about special offers and appointments. (We will not be annoying regarding this feature—you will not be receiving an onslaught of emails, so rest easy! We just want to stay in touch.)
  4. Requirement.
    All we require in order for you to join the Preferred Pet Program is to schedule and keep your next appointment at the time you bring your pet in for his or her grooming. In other words, when you pick up your pet, if you schedule your next appointment (and keep it), and if it is within the grooming time period recommended for your dog’s breed (typically from 2-5 weeks), your next appointment will be discounted by $5.00!

Preferred Pet Program

One of the biggest challenges of a small business is marketing for and obtaining new clients or customers. We want you to love our spa so much that you would tell your friends, acquaintances, and family members about us—even if we didn’t offer you an incentive to do so. However, we understand how busy you are and how many things you are trying to accomplish in any given day—so we want to thank you in a special way when you send us new clients.

Pick up some Royal Heirs Best Friend Referral Program Cards when you bring your pet in for grooming—and receive $5 per recommendation when your friends turn it in! And, we want everyone to benefit from this program so your friend will receive a $5 discount by remembering to bring it to their first appointment!

So remember to ask one of our team members for some referral cards and be certain to write your name on the card so we can keep track of the referrals and rewards that you accumulate.

Royal Heirs Preferred Pets Card