Royal Heirs Pet SpaFrequently Asked Questions

How much will you charge to groom my dog?

Grooming rates vary depending on the breed of your pet and the type of services you choose. Call us at 316-684-7666 to discuss your pet’s needs with a member of our professional staff and we will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Do you tranquilize pets before you bathe or groom them?

Our highly trained and professional stylists are well versed in dealing with pets and we make the grooming process fun, as well as comfortable. If your pet is nervous or new to grooming we will spend extra time with him or her in order to help the animal feel safe and secure. We never tranquilize any animals at Royal Heirs Pet Spa so rest assured that your pet will experience the royal treatment without any chemicals or drugs—we provide tender loving care and that is something that nearly any pet will respond to!

What types of pets do you groom?

We groom all breeds of dogs. Our master groomer Polly specializes in breed-specific cuts. Please call us at 316-684-7666 for rates, a private consultation, and to schedule an appointment.

Royal Heirs Pet Spa

Do you groom large dogs?

Yes. We groom all breeds and all sizes of dogs. For double-coated breeds that shed often, ask about our FURminator treatment.

Do you use heated drying cages in your grooming facility?

We have specific policies against heated drying cages at Royal Heirs Pet Spa and our groomers are individually trained to hand-dry pets after they have been bathed. This process involves brushing out the coat to remove shedding hair, while blowing it dry with equipment similar to, although larger than, the hair dryers you might use in your home.

Do you use restraints while trimming and grooming pets?

Once again, we have specific policies concerning the use of neck or body restraints during pet grooming. Your pet will never be left unattended during the grooming process and a groomer will be in physical contact with your pet—eliminating the need for most pets to be restrained. If an additional staff member is needed to stand with your dog during the grooming/trimming process we will discuss this with you and provide this service so that you are assured your dog is treated with the utmost care, kindness, and love.

Can I take a tour of your facility before I decide to schedule a grooming or spa appointment for my pet?

We encourage you to visit us and tour our facilities—from the front door to the back! In fact, we recommend you tour any facility prior to leaving your precious pet in someone else’s care. There is no need to make an appointment to take a tour with us—surprise inspections are the best way to determine the quality of care a business will provide—drop by any time and know that you will have the opportunity to visit, ask any questions, and look at any area.

What happens if my pet becomes nervous or afraid during the grooming process?

We can typically “love” any pet into tranquility—but in the rare event that your pet is fearful and cannot be soothed, we will stop the grooming process and contact you for instructions or support. We are not here to force your pet or to upset him or her. . . we are here to teach your pet that grooming is fun, safe, and there is no need for fear.

What is your policy concerning vaccinations?

We have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all dogs that are in our care and we require that every pet be up-to-date on vaccinations against serious, contagious diseases. We recommend dogs are current on the following vaccines: Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella.

Can I schedule a grooming appointment via email?

Absolutely. Just contact us at requesting a convenient time, day, and date. If we cannot accommodate your specific request, we will contact you via email or telephone to work out an alternate, convenient time. When scheduling by email, please include the following information: Your name, your pet’s name and breed, the day/date/time you prefer, and your telephone contact information. We will send you a confirmation email if your appointment time can be reserved or contact you if we need to make other arrangements.

Will you take my dog outside for a potty break while he/she is at the spa?

Absolutely. Each dog that visits the spa is taken outside to the dog park area following the grooming process. This is the Royal Heirs standard of care—and it is what we mean when we say, “We’ll treat your pets as we would treat our own!”

My pet’s coat is full of static. What can I do?

Like humans, dogs’ hair can be electrically charged, particularly during the winter months and times of low humidity. One way to counter this is to brush your dog after applying either a moisturizing or a detangling spray—both of which can be obtained from a reputable pet supply store.

How often is it safe to shampoo my pet?

Modern shampoos and conditioners have put to rest the old myths about not bathing your pet on a regular and frequent basis. The beautiful coats of show dogs prove that frequent shampooing and conditioning enhance the dog’s appearance, rather than hurting the dogs. It is very important, however, to be certain your groomer uses products that are high quality and formulated for your dog’s breed and coat.

Is there any way to control shedding?

While pets shed all year, this is a particular issue in the spring time when dogs are shedding their winter coats. Frequent brushing keeps the issue in the house to a minimum and we suggest an extra grooming appointment during this time. Royal Heirs Pet Spa can give your dog a deep massage bath that will loosen the coat, and we use special blow dryers that remove more hair than brushing alone. For extra troublesome shedding, the FURminator treatment is a great add on to any grooming package. It is a special hypo-allergenic shampoo and solution that strengthens hair shafts and helps loosen all of that extra fur during the bathing process. The FURminator bath, followed by brushing with the FURminator brush, is the optimal way to decrease shedding.

Regular visits to the spa can also ensure that the hair coming off your dog stays in the salon, not in your car or house. We suggest regular grooming for dogs on a 3-4 week schedule, which tremendously reduces shedding issues, as well as other skin and coat problems.

How can I keep my dog looking great between spa visits?

We understand just how busy you are and can appreciate how daunting it can be to brush your dog on a daily basis. So, let’s be realistic. What we have done to keep our dogs looking good between spa visits in the past has worked great, so I want to pass it along to you. We have five dogs (yes, we’re crazy, but in our defense, it was an accident), and four of them have fairly high maintenance coats. I bought a decorative box to set on my end table in the family room and put a dog brush and comb inside. When I sit down (finally!) at night to watch a little television, I just put the dog on the ottoman in front of me and do a quick little comb out. I don’t make it a big deal—five minutes or so per dog. It made all the difference!

Do you do any boarding?

We do not board dogs due to zoning regulations, but here is a link to a listing of Dog Boarding Kennels. Also, visit Ms. Dale Shubert’s site for her K925 Mobile Dog Sitter and Taxi service.

Any other questions?

We want to answer them all! Just drop us an email at or contact us by phone at 316-684-7666—we will help you in any way we can with questions, concerns, or evaluations. If you are in the neighborhood feel free to come in and talk to a member of our staff. Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.